In these times where costs are on the rise we at Buy Fresh Produce Direct (Delivery Service Broker) want to bring access to Farm Fresh, Good Quality, Clean, and Great Tasting Food / Wholesale Service Deli Salad kits for a discount off of Retail Sales from our partner processing companies. Our delivery service brings products and pricing that is based on larger quantiles of food for your dollar. Buy Fresh Produce Direct Wholesale salad kits weight on average 3.5 lbs and cost on average $12- $15 bucks that will feed your family and friends for a few meals (We do offer smaller family sizes as well). Most grocery deli salads sell at 7.99 to 9.99 per lb. All Salad kits are prepared and each element is individually packaged so that they stay fresh and mix up in minutes.

How it Works...

We at Buy Fresh Produce Direct are excited to offer the Freshest Non GMO Chef Crafted Salad Kits, Meal Kits, Juices plus more at WHOLESALE VALUE pricing during these inflationary times.  Orders are made up on your delivery day, when the produce comes in from our local farmers, for the freshest end product. The doors are currently open for delivery to CA, NV, and AZ with a limited launch menu. You'll need to order a min of 30$ (A lot of produce for the price - more value than the "CLUB" stores). We also have some preselected bundle offerings for a quick checkout. Once you taste these Farm Fresh Salads you'll understand the just from the salad bar excitement we are talking about.


This amount of food with direct access to same day processing bypassing retail does not exist in this space. It is our pleasure to be able to provide this service and eliminate having to go to the grocery store for your produce, eliminating days of oxidation. The grocery store doesn't offer salad kits at this volume with the premium quality and chef crafted recipes that are restaurant style. Once you try what we are offering you'll understand the difference and never experience a wilted bag of lettuce with a small amount of mixings and dressing that is the current standard at the grocery store...

- The Buy Fresh Produce Direct - Delivery Team

Doing Online Deliveries for our partner - Buy Fresh Produce Inc.

Buy Fresh Produce Inc.’s One Stop Shopping offers an extensive array of products to meet the demands of our busiest customers. “Time is Money” and Buy Fresh makes it easy and convenient, saving both Time and Money! Place your order for fruits, vegetables, herbs, garnishes, value-added produce, juices, and more, all at the same time. 

We are planting the seed towards stronger relationships, continued growth, and creating a future harvest of success.

Field to Table Freshness Every Time!

Because Quality Matters... We are a company with a HACCP Program, GMP, Food Safety Program and Quality system program. We are also proud to have our QA department level 3 SQF, SCS, FSP certified. Buy Fresh Produce LLC received the Silliker Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Systems Audit Certificate of Recognition at its Commerce facility on October, 2014.

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